GAAHHH!!! I need more space-time!

Don’t worry – I got you.


There you have it: a 36 hour day. Or is it 12? Or 40? The simple answer? Choice D: All of the above.

Time is not uniform – it does not pass by at a single tick per second. Perception of that tick varies with each individual depending on the situation.

It’s 8:32 am.

How long does a minute feel when the light just turns red and it’s 2 minutes after you needed to punch in to work? Or when you’re watching the time count down as your team is losing 1- 0 in the final moments of the playoff game? What about when your team is up? How long does that same increment of time feel when you’re typing an e-mail to someone you care deeply about?

…It’s now 8:38 am.

Six minutes didn’t pass by in the time it took me to write that sentence – they couldn’t have. I guess the only logical explanation is that the duration of that moment of time in the universe contracted because of my e-mail.    ….   ?   Yes, the world revolves around me. I set the pace.

There is one constant in the universe. The speed of light in vacuum. 186,000 miles per second. Nothing can influence that speed. So here I am, strapped down to my trusty rocket, flashlight in hand, passing by the moon 288,000 miles away from you, heading straight towards you over at the coast of Cali traveling at 93,000 miles per second. I turn the flashlight on. So the light from the flashlight is now heading towards you at 186,000 + 93,000 = 279,000 miles per second. You’ll see it in about a second. No wait, that can’t be right. Light cannot physically travel faster than 186,000 miles per second. Nothing could for that matter.

Alright, so I see the light leaving my flashlight at 186,000 miles per second. You see the light coming at 186,000 miles per second (since it cannot possibly be perceived as moving any faster). Right. So the light will get to you in 3 seconds.   …. sooo…   am I standing still? No…   I’ll check the speedometer again…  moving at 93,000 miles per second. So what the hell is happening then? Well, here it is. Since the speed is constant by law, there’s only one variable. Time. The time it took for one second to tick away for you, is greater than the time it took for that same second to tick away for me.  For every 1 second of my life, 1.5 seconds tick away from yours. And this is proven.

This is science.
This is law.

As you sit there reading this, you’re moving. The Earth is moving around the Sun. The Sun is moving around our galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is moving around in a galaxy cluster. So, in addition to all this physical movement, you’re also moving through time. The two are directly related to each other. So, the faster you move through space, the slower you’ll move through time. So, speed, just like anything else…  is variable.

In that mindset, time is completely flexible. The 8 hours you spend at work shouldn’t take away from your life. They should be a part of it. That’s the common misconception about work…   that it’s destined to be labor for the sake of getting paid. It should be far from that. It should be a passion that you wake up to fulfilling every morning.

It’s now 12:44 pm

….wow…   time just flew.

written for my life’s inspiration

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